Boat Battery Cable and Switches

More Power to Play - Automatically!

Smart boat battery switches are the automatic way to manage your marine electrical system

A "must have" for any boat with more than one battery, our "smart" boat battery switch systems mean more power to boat, fish, party and play - automatically! Easy install systemsClick for more information on our marine electric smart boat battery switch system automatically selects which of your batteries charge while you are underway - and which are used when you play! Click for more details.

Manual Boat Battery Switch Systems

Manual boat battery switch systems let you pick which battery charges while your boat is underway

This traditional OEM quality boat battery switch system lets you choose which of your batteries are used or charged. ItClick for more information on our marine electric marine battery switch system arrives complete and ready-to-install and includes  all cabling and instructions to get your boat wiring job done quickly and correctly.  Click for more details.

Custom Built Boat Battery Wiring

EzAcDc offers a complete selection of boat battery cables - custom built for your boat battery wiring project

Custom built for your boat wiring project, the finest quality marine electrical battery cables in a wide selection of colors, lengths, gauges, and end-types, so you can get yourClick for more information on our marine electrical boat battery wiring boat wiring project done quickly, correctly, and safely. Cables are multi-strand copper - the best choice in boat wiring. Click for more details.

Marine Electric Bus Bars

EzAcDc offers a complete selection of bus bars for your boat wiring project

A must have for a clean installation - or clean up - of your boat wiring system. A marine electrical bus bar allows safe and professional grouping of ground wiresClick for more information on our marine electric bus bars in one location, so your boat wiring project will have smart, easy-to-trace wire routing, and less wire clutter at your marine batteries. Click for more details.