Boat Battery Switch Systems

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Marine electrical battery switch systems are a great addition to your boat wirng setup.
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Cranking power when you need it.

A lower cost alternative to our Hours More Power - Automatic Smart Boat Battery Switch. These OEM quality battery selector switches help you to choose which battery to use - or charge - when you are underway or at play. Or, either switch works as a boat battery disconnect - allowing you to easily shut off your boat's power while you're away.

Engineered for a solid connection

This top-selling boat battery switch's heavy duty copper contacts mean you always have a great marine electric connection. It is an excellent choice for most outboards and stern drives as it is rated at 230 Amps continuous and 345 Amps momentary. This easy to install marine battery switch measures only 5" in diameter and 2 3/4" in height.

Stay safe underway

The long-life boat battery wiring is constructed of rust-resistant tinned copper wire. For added corrosion protection, the terminal ends are covered in adhesive lined shrink tubing. Accidental short circuits are less likely with the battery terminal boot, which is molded from high temperature vinyl that will remain flexible and not fade over time. Already simple installation is made even easier by the BEP Dual Ground Bus. It has tinned copper studs for added corrosion resistance and the base is made of high temperature plastic for addition insulation from it's mounting surface.

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