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Hours More Power - Smart Battery Switch

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The smartest switch for two batteries

A great solution to an age-old marine electric problem. This complete boat battery switch system automatically selects which of your batteries charge while you are underway - and which get tapped when you play!

Smart charging on the run - automatically.

The heart of this ready-to-install marine battery switch kit is a clever relay that automatically combines your starting and trolling/house batteries - so both are being charged - whenever sufficient voltage is available.

Conserve your cranking power - automatically.

Then, as you use power, whether running trolling motors, stereo, anchor lights, or other accessories, the same relay that conected your batteries for charging now unlinks them so you are only draining one - leaving the other with the starting power you'll need later. This switch is similar to a Perko Marine Battery Switch with many more boat battery wiring features.

Manual battery switch means fewer dead batteries

Eliminate those "mysterious" drains in your boat wiring that can cause dead batteries while you're not using your boat. The included boat battery switch allows you to easily shut off your boat's power when you're away.

Arrives complete and ready to install

  • Voltage Sensitive Relay - the industry's finest from BEP, a division of Marinco
  • Dual Pole Plus Marine Battery Switch from Blue Seas
  • Boat battery wiring - Two red and two black, both 4' long with 3/8" tinned copper terminals
  • Terminal boots - two red molded from high temperature vinyl
  • Ground Bus - BEP Dual Post with tinned copper studs for added corrosion resistance

Use our handy boat wiring diagram to simplify your installation.

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