Stainless Steel Pole Base

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Great Looks. Great Price.


We work hard to make your job easy. This plug-in light base simply snaps onto any EzAcDc boat wiring harness and works great with our LED all round light. It also includes an adaptor to easily work with your current boat wiring.

This light base is perfect for saltwater applications and high-end boats with its clean, fresh styling with a rugged stamped stainless steel cover. It fits in almost any location with a round footprint of only 2 3/8" diameter. And, it works great on casting decks or cat-walks with a closed, profile of only 3/8" high.

Long life is assured by the waterproof inner cap that seals water out of the socket when cover is closed. And the inner socket even contains a large drain hole to prevent clogging and contact failure.

As with all of our products, EzAcDc engineering helps to make every part of your boat wiring project simple, smart, and safe. When connected to EzAcDc products, you are assured of industry standard circuit protection.

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