Pontoon Lights - Waterproof Underdeck LED Lights

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More fun late night runs!

Take your boating into the night in a striking and beautiful way with these high-quality blue waterproof underdeck LED pontoon lights. The drama of indirect lighting coming from under your deck and reflecting off the water is incredible. Plus you can now use your boat when docked as a special nighttime place to socialize...it's like turning your pontoon into the coolest hangout place on the lake!

As featured in Pontoon Deckboat Magazine and on Major OEM models!

Cutting Edge Technology and Easy Installation

Installation is kept extremely simple, and utilizes only two components - plastic mounting strips and the LED waterproof lighting which come on a spool ready to snap into the strips. Nothing could be easier! And we include waterproof electrical connectors and wiring to get power to these awesome lights.

Each kit includes:

  • Two blue LED strip lights cut to the specified length for port and starboard lighting.
  • Sealed Packard connectors installed on the light strips for push together waterproof power connection to the supplied Snap Together wiring harness.
  • Enough mounting strips for the entire installation.
  • A Snap Together wiring harness to quickly connect to either an EzAcDc pre-wired switch panel, or to your existing boat wiring (adaptors included)
  • Complete Installation Instructions

These professionally engineered OEM-quality lights arrive at your door ready to install. Once installed, your new lights will easily Snap Together to any EzAcDc boat wiring harness - or use the included adaptors connect to your current boat wiring.

As with all of our products, EzAcDc engineering helps to make your under deck light project simple, smart, and safe. When mated to an EzAcDc boat wiring harness and EzAcDc switch panel, you can be certain that your circuit protection exceeds marine industry boat electrical standards.

If you need any additional information, please call (231) 889-7220, send us an email at support@ezacdc.com, or read through other customer questions about EzAcDc pontoon LED underdeck lights.

Pontoon boat underdeck light are an easy boat wiring project Pontoon boat underdeck light are an easy boat wiring project Pontoon boat underdeck light are an easy boat wiring project