Boat Wiring Harness - Snaps Together

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Rewire Your Boat - Quickly and Correctly

Take days off your boat wiring project. Our snap-together boat wiring harness comes in three sizes for boats up to 30' and is designed to handle almost any boat wiring configuration - and there is no freight charge for purchases in the lower 48 states.

Simply snaps to panels and parts - ours or yours!

Every connection on this fast install harness simply "snaps together" with EzAcDc components. And, it also includes simple adaptors that easily connect to your current boat parts.

It will QuickConnect to all EzAcDc switch panels, navigation lights, and pump kits - or to your existing boat parts quickly and correctly. It arrives ready to install, complete with breakouts, connectors and adaptors for your boat's...

  • Marine Electrical Switch Panel
  • Horn
  • Combined or separate red and green sidelights
  • White all-round stern light
  • Bilge pump (not on pontoon version)
  • Automatic bilge pump switch  (not on pontoon version)
  • Aerator pump
  • Docking lights
  • Courtesy lights

Harnesses are available for boats up to 30 feet long and their universal design means the accessory breakouts are not dependent on the arrangement of your helm, your forward navigation lights, and other items including bilge pump, aerator, stern light, and battery. You can even verify that one of our harnesses will fit your boat with our handy boat wiring harness diagrams.

EzAcDc takes days off your boat wiring project

As with all EzAcDc boat wiring harnesses, it arrives at your door -

  • Includes downloadable detailed easy-to-follow installation instructions
  • Built safe. Circuit protected harness is properly sized to assure proper voltage over length of runs
  • Built smart. Constructed with top level OEM components and available with corrosion-resistant tinned copper boat wire.
  • Made installation easy. Multi-strand wire is incredibly flexible - a real plus when positioning the harness in tight locations
  • Ready for any boat. Harness is easily adapted to non-EzAcDc components

If you need any additional information, please call (231) 889-7220, send us an email at, or read through other customer questions about EzAcDc marine wiring harnesses.