Boat Wiring - Tinned Multi-Stand

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What size wire is best for my boat wiring job? What color wire should I choose for my boat wiring project? Why do I care if my boat wiring is tinned?  Click for shipping info and rates

Rust-resistant. Tinned. Flexible.

Boating's finest multi-strand, rust-resistant tinned boat wiring. We offer a number of gauges and colors, so you have exactly what you need for your boat wiring project. Please choose the marine electrical wire that you need for your project from the choices on the right. Also, for sizes larger than 6AWG, we also offer a complete line of custom built Boat Battery Cables in many colors and in sizes up to 2/0 - so you're ready to tackle your boat battery wiring.

Tinned multi strand marine electrical boat wiring

Standard colors and sizes for a professional job

Our bulk marine electrical wire comes in many colors and sizes, so you can do a safe and professional job. Building your project using standard boat wiring colors means that future troubleshooting and tracing will be a breeze.

Don't Believe Her. Size Matters.

The correct size of boat wiring is important for both function and safety. If you are reconfiguring your marine electric system, not just replacing old marine wire, please download our Marine Wire Calculator to choose the right wiring for your project.

If you need any additional information, please call (231) 889-7220, send us an email at, or read through other customer questions about EzAcDc marine wiring.