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Waterproof Switch Panels?

Hi Ez Guys,

I am building a wooden runabout and am at the stage where I need a boat wiring harness. I have a few questions concerning your snap-together systems...

EzAcDc marine electrical switch panel
  • Are your panels waterproof?
  • Are any of your panels black?
  • Are there other labels available for the breakers?

Thanks for your help.


With the breaker boots, the fronts of our panels are waterproof, but none of the panels are available in black. All of our snap together marine electrical switch panels come with the following switch caps:

  • Horn
  • Nav/Anc
  • Bilge Pump
  • Livewell Pump
  • Courtesy Lights
  • Docking Lights
  • Stereo
  • (3) Accessories.

The horn and nav/anc come pre-installed on their corresponding switches. All others are simply snapped on when you do your installation.

We do not have any other printed switch caps, but we do have blank one's that we would be happy to send at no charge.

Hope this helps.


Helm Harness Mash Up

Hello Ez,

I have 1995 Fisher Pontoon that was just barely survived a fire although the helm was destroyed.

Boat Wiring Colors

I need to marry the original boat wiring harness to a new helm for a 2013 Sweetwater Pontoon.

The motor is a 1996 Mariner 40hp two stroke. I also need to tie in the motor loom to the helm.

Any help would be great.



As described, I'm afraid that your project will probably a "process of elimination" wiring job.

What may make it a little easier is that the Godfrey Sweetwater should be built using this standard boat wiring color code. But I have no idea if that would be the case for the 1995 Fisher.

Good luck,


Large Center Console Harness

Dear EzAcDc,

Center Console boat

I am going to be redoing all of the boat wiring on my 32 foot center console. I really like the idea of your snap-together system, but see that you only offer them for boats up to 30' long.

Since the center console would have different wire runs than other types of boats, would one of your boat wiring harnesses work?



Great question! One of our harnesses may well work for your project.

Since wire routing on center consoles is different from manufacturer to manufacturer, I would recommend using this link,, to check the length of the wire breakouts (all dimensions are in inches). It's quite possible that one of our larger harnesses would fit in your boat.

Hope this helps,


Runabout Rewire

Hi Kevin,

I really appreciate all of the help that you gave me earlier this year on a boat wiring system for my 24' pontoon. Everything installed easily and worked great. Now, I am looking for the same advice for rewiring a 1969 14' runabout.

1969 boat buyers guide

I need...

  • 12 volt outlet that connects so that I can use existing navigation lights (red/green light is combined into one light fixture)
  • Automatic bilge pump
  • Deck mounted horn (trumpet horn looks great but I did not see it offered)
  • Switch panel with connection for tachometer and voltmeter
  • Boat wiring harness

Please advise.



It's great to hear from you again. I'm glad that everything went so well with your pontoon project.

For the small boat, you should consider

  • Panel. Our basic, snap together five switch marine electrical panel should be plenty for your boat - and it includes the 12 volt receptacle. Note: You can choose the optional gauge wiring but it would probably be overkill for what you need. Your engine will have a tachometer output, ground, and keyed power. These are the only three wires needed to make your tachometer and voltmeter work.
  • Harness. The small snap together V-hull boat wiring harness with quick connect to the panel above.
  • Pump - Complete automatic bilge pump system includes thru hull, hose, and clamps - and will snap right to the harness above.
  • Horn - The only deck mount boat horn that we current sell is the classic deck mount  Or, if you are comfortable cutting a hole in the deck or hull near the bow, our drop in boat horn is a much more elegant look.

I hope that this is helpful. Please call us at 720-239-2232 if you need any additional info.



Retro Rewire


I need help with the boat wiring on a 1956 Feathercraft.

The boat is 14 feet long and I want to wire it for bow lights, navigation lights, horn, GPS, speedometer and volt/amp meter. I would also like the option of adding a stereo and spotlight in the future.


I'm starting with a blank slate except I have already purchased the vintage style horn, lights and GPS speedometer. I'm especially concerned about keeping the retro look by using toggle switches even though I will be running a modern motor with start/remote.

Can you point me in the right direction on this? I assume you have adapters to fit on the leads of my lights



Nice boat!! We had a Feathercraft and a Wagemaker when I was a kid.

Since you will be using toggle switches, I would combine our Switch Panel Rewire Kit with our smallest Snap Together boat wiring harness.

This combination will give you all new wiring for your toggle switch, a modern Blue Seas fuse panel, and all of the accessory wiring for your components. And yes, we do include adaptors for all of your vintage accessories.

If any of your components need to be updated, all of our EZACDC components come pre-terminated with the snap together connector.

The rewire kit will allow you to maintain that vintage look with your toggles, but give you all new, tinned copper, correct color wiring for your boat. This kit plugs directly into the snap together harness to give you a modern OEM quality install.

If you choose to not use toggles, any of our snap together marine electrical switch panels will also plug directly into our harness. If you choose to wire the toggles switches yourself, we include a 12 position adaptor with all of our snap together harnesses to accommodate this type of install.

Hope this helps,


Sweet Sixteen

Hi Kevin,

It looks as if your boat wiring is exactly what I need to finish the refurb on my 16' flats boat.

16 foot flats boat

Could you please tell me which harness and panel will work for me?

Thank you.


I would combine our 15-20' v-hull snap together boat wiring harness with any of our snap together marine electrical switch panels.

For the panel, you can choose whatever size and functionality that best fits your project. We have an eight switch, a five switch with meter, as well as a basic five switch.

Any of the panels will plug directly into the harness above and will provide you with new wiring for your navigation lights (red,green, and white), courtesy lights, horn, bilge pump, livewell pump, and docking lights) along with a 12 v receptacle.

Hope this helps,


Engine Harness Source?

Hello Kevin,

Thanks for all of your recent asssistance sorting out the wiring that I needed to get my old fishing boat back on the water.

350 Mercury

The snap together boat wiring harness for my accessories and the marine electrical panel rewire kit are great. I had them both installed in an afternoon. Big improvement.

The last part of my project is to replace the engine harness. Do you have any recommendations as to a good source for one of these?

Thank you again for all of your help.

Hi Stephen,

I'm glad that the new wiring is working well for you. Please call if you need any other help with it.

As we discussed, our wiring system is specifically for the accessory side of your boat wiring and not the engine wiring side. Because of this we get several inquiries each week as to sources for engine harnesses.

I haven't purchased from them, but there is a site called that has most engine wiring harness.  I have no idea if this is true, but one customer says that they are not very friendly about taking returns if you order the incorrect part. So, you may want to be certain that you are buying exactly what you need.

Hope this helps,


Chris Craft Rewire

Untitled 1

Hi guys,

I am weeks away from launch my 1963 Chris Craft Sea Skiff!

I want to redo the entire boat wiring system. Can you please tell me why your product is a great solution? The boat has pretty simple needs. She needs your basic kit: battery cable, navigation lights (split bow light and center stern light), horn bilge pump and simple meters.

Chris Craft Sea Skiff

Please tell me you can help!


We can help. In fact, EzAcDc can be your one stop shop for a complete snap together wiring system for the accessory side of your boat.

Our electrical shop has been building electrical systems for the marine industry for nearly 40 years selling OEMs and direct customers world wide. They know what they are doing.

We use marine grade tinned wiring and components for all of our systems. Everything is built to the ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council) standards to ensure safety and longevity. All of our terminals are machine applied to help guarantee the correct crimp every time.

Our marine electrical switch panels come ready to install with all of the necessary (and even extra) components to get that OEM look. For example, our snap together switch panels come with a switch cap assortment that include: Docking Lights, Courtesy Lights, Bilge, Livewell, Stereo, and Accessory along with mounting screws, wiring adaptors, and extra circuit breakers.

Other shops offer panels where all switches are labeled Accessory or have no labels at all. Our panels come fully wired and ready to connect to either one of our snap together boat wiring harness or to your existing wiring with our adaptor. On their panels, you are responsible to make all of the switch panel wiring connections.

Our snap together harnesses also come complete with adaptors, cable ties w/eyelets, and mounting screws. The design allows for even the most complex wire routing. Instead of having the wires all grouped together, we run each circuit with its own power and ground wire. This gives extreme flexibility and eliminates hidden connections. There are no buried splices in our harnesses. Power for a device leaves the helm connector and goes directly to the device. Ground for a device goes from the helm ground block directly to the device also.

All of our components (bilge pumps, navigation lights, etc.) come with the snap together plug pre-installed. There is no need to crimp on your own connect. Simply plug it into the harness. If you wish to use your legacy parts, we provide enough adaptors to connect to these components. All of the harness breakouts are labeled and follow a standard color code. When you are connecting your navigation lights to the harness, simply find the breakout with the "Nav Light" label (it is also the industry standard gray/green) and connect your light.

Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any questions,

Kevin Hannula

Panel Fuses?

Hi Kevin,

I just got one of your snap-together boat wiring harness. I’m checking the dimensions on your marine electrical switch panels. As soon as I figure out the size that will work on my boat, I will be ordering one of those too.Carling breaker for marine electrical

I see that the harness has a main breaker near the battery. Does the switch panel include a prewired fuse box?



Our Snap together switch panels include panel mounted circuit breakers for all of the devices. No additional fuse panel is necessary.

The wire harness that you purchased will plug directly into any of our switch panels.

Hope this helps – and thank you for the order.

Please let me know if you need any additional information.


Small Kit Too Small?

Hi there

We were looking at your Complete Small Boat Wiring kits for our small boat.

What do you suggest for people who need to install:crab puller

  • one crab puller
  • two electric downriggers
  • navigation and communication electronics
  • livewell pump
  • bilge pump
  • navigation lights
  • The three switch version seems a little small for this number of devices Could you please let me know if you agree?


Hi Kevin,

On small boats, crab pullers and down riggers are connected directly to the battery with circuit protection at the battery.

I agree that the three switch small boat system is too small for your application. Instead, you may want to consider one of our fully wired marine electrical switch panels which quickly snap together with one of our boat wiring harness. In your case, the five switch panel combined with a 15′-20′ harness should work great.

If you go with this setup, your new system would provide you all of the wiring needed for your livewell pump, bilge pump, and additional power for navigation and communication equipment.

Hope this helps,