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Helm Harness Mash Up

Hello Ez,

I have 1995 Fisher Pontoon that was just barely survived a fire although the helm was destroyed.

Boat Wiring Colors

I need to marry the original boat wiring harness to a new helm for a 2013 Sweetwater Pontoon.

The motor is a 1996 Mariner 40hp two stroke. I also need to tie in the motor loom to the helm.

Any help would be great.



As described, I'm afraid that your project will probably a "process of elimination" wiring job.

What may make it a little easier is that the Godfrey Sweetwater should be built using this standard boat wiring color code. But I have no idea if that would be the case for the 1995 Fisher.

Good luck,


What Size Wire?

Hi EZ,

I am planning to add new tinned marine wiring to my son’s 15 foot boat that has a 40 hp Yamaha 4-stroke.

The accessories to be included/rewired will be:boat wiring

  • Lights (bow and stern)
  • Bilge pump
  • Stereo/speakers
  • Depth Finder
  • 12 V DC power outlet (cig. lighter type)

My intent is to run power from the battery to a fuse panel then run wires to the switches/accessories.

I have a couple of questions:

  1. What gauge wire should be used from the boat battery to the main fuse panel?
  2. What gauge wire should be used for the remainder of the items wiring?

Any suggestions/recommendations are greatly appreciated.



I created a boat wiring size calculator a few years ago that does exactly what you are looking for.

To use it, simple enter the draw each device and the length of the wire run in inches (to the device and back) to get the wire size for each item.

Enter the total wire length from the battery to the panel and back to the battery to calculate your feed wire size.

Hope this helps,


Pontoon Plug and Play?


I have a old 20 foot pontoon I just bought. I do not care for any of the wiring on this boat or the broken up switches! I want to tear it all out and replace everything.

Old pontoon boatWhen the wiring project is completed, I want to have switches for the navigation lights, live well, and trolling motor. The gauges that I want are a tach, fuel gauge, and battery voltage. I will be running a marine radio as well. I need something I can basically plug everything up including lights run the wires and attach to the battery and go.

It is my understanding that you guys can make this happen “quickly and correctly”. So, what kind of package will I need?

Thanks for your help.


Thank you for your interest.

I would combine our Snap Together 15′ to 20′ Pontoon Boat Wiring Harness with either our Snap Together Eight Switch Panel or our Snap Together Five Switch Panel. This will cover all of the accessory wiring on your boat.

There is no need for a fuse panel. All of the component switches have circuit breakers mounted directly below them.

The gauge wiring is very simple. Your engine harness will have gray tachometer signal wire that connects directly to the tachometer. It will also have a purple ignition power wire to the tachometer, fuel gauge, and voltmeter. All three gauges will need a ground wire (black) and the fuel gauge will need a sending unit wire that runs from the fuel tank sender to S post on the gauge (pink).

Trolling motors usually run their own separate power circuit. Over 50 lb thrust usually run a 6 AWG wire and under usually run a 8 AWG. Either size is available from our tinned marine wiring selection.

The Snap Together kit above will simply plug together. It comes with all of the adaptors to use your existing components, but if any of your old accessories also need to be replaced, all of our boat lighting and boat pumps come with the mating snap together plug already installed.

FYI, the hottest option this spring are the blue LED underdeck pontoon lights. Our EZACDC kits come complete with the connectors installed on the lights and a wiring harness that will plug directly into the back of your new snap together panel.

Hope this helps.

Please let us know if you have any questions,


Available Wire Colors

Hi Ez,

How many colors do you stock for 14 gauge tinned boat wiring? I need a lot of wire with different stripe colors like ORG/BLK, RED/WHT, etc. boat wiring image

Thank you


We stock 50 different colors of 14 AWG marine wiring. Here is what we have…

  • BLUE
  • PINK
  • RED

These are all available in lengths of 25 feet or more.

We can get any other color that you may need, but much larger minimums are required (5,000 – 10,000 feet depending on the combination). If this is something that you would like to pursue, please call Kelly at (720) 239-2232.

Hope this helps,


Tinned Boat Wiring

Hi Kevin,

Could you please tell me if all of the boat wiring that you offer on EzAcDc is pre-tinned copper? I am starting a major rewiring project on my old Century and want to do this right – so I don’t have to do it again!Boat Wiring



All of our wiring 6 AWG and smaller is tinned copper. Those sizes will cover most of your project.

As for boat battery cables, we are in the process of finding a reliable source for tinned cabling 4 AWG and larger, but at this time they are not tinned.

Hope this helps,


Premade Pontoon Harness?

Hello Ez,

I saw your pontoon boat wiring harness on the web and am wondering if it would be suitable for my boat.

I have an old 18′ pontoon that only has a push-pull switch to turn on the lights, ie. no console switches. I need to replace all the boat’s wiring and would need to hook up the navigation sidelight, white stern light, depth finder and possibly a livewell pump.1993 Sweetwater pontoon

Would your premade harness work or should I buy the tinned marine wiring that you sell and try to duplicate the original wiring on the boat?



Our universal harness would work great. It would give you all of the accessory wires needed for your navigation lights and livewell pump as well as the power needed for the helm to power your depth finder.

Or, we also sell all of the tinned wire that is used in our harnesses on our site. So “Rolling your own” is always an option. If you choose this option, please be sure to buy an in-line circuit breaker like the one’s on our sister site, Boat Wiring Store at to provide circuit protection for the main power feed in your harness.

Hope this helps,


Glastron Harness

Good morning.

I just went to your site and am interested in your universal boat wiring harness.

I have a 1994 17.5 foot open bow Glastron with an I/O (135 hp) and am wondering if this harness would do the trick to rewire the boat? 1994 Glastron Dash

Any information would be helpful.



Our harness will work great for the accessory side of your boat wiring project. That is, it will provide new wires for your navigation lights, bilge pump, horn, docking lights, courtesy lights, and livewell pump – but you will need a separate harness for your engine control.

In addition to the accessory breakouts, our harness also includes a main power feed wire to supply power to your fuse panel.

Hope this helps,


Viking Rewire


I’m in the process of converting an old Viking 22 from an OMC I/O to a Mercruiser.

I used an 898 Mercruiser 305 V8 as my donor engine and outdrive. The shop that reworked the transom and installed the components said the wires and connectors were so faded they wired the ignition and trim switches direct. The rest of the controls are a spaghetti mess.

What do I need to start rewiring this thing so that it makes senses – and runs!

Thanks.Viking Deckboat

Hello Bob,

Thanks for your interest in our company’s products.

Our wiring parts should be a good fit for your Viking and help straighten out the spaghetti mess. All are engineered to “snap together” quickly and correctly, which makes a job like you describe considerably easier and less costly.

You will want to start by deciding whether to keep the original switch panel that is on your boat. Most people do because many panels are a unique fit and look for that model boat. If that’s the case for you, you will want to start with our Panel Rewire Kit. It has everything that you need to replace the wire behind your panel while keeping the panel itself and all of the switches.

The Rewire Kit comes with wiring and circuit for nine different boat functions, so it should work fine for the setup that you laid out in your email. Once installed, it will “snap together” with any of our boat wiring harnesses.

Or, if you want to totally replace the existing switch panel, you will want to start with our snap together marine electrical switch panels. These are fully loaded and wired – so you won’t need the panel rewire mentioned above – and arrive completely ready to install. Given the number of accessories you want to run, your best bet would probably be our eight switch panel, although we do make some smaller panels as well.

Just like the rewire kit, our panels also “snap together” with any of our wiring harnesses.

As for your wiring harness, you will probably want our v-hull 20-25′ snap together harness. It is built to handle eight different boat functions and, given it’s length, should be plenty large enough for your boat. Not only does it snap together with our Rewire Kit or Switch Panel, but also does the same with any aerator pumps, bilge pumps, navigation lights, boat horns, etc. that you purchase from our site. Or, if you prefer to use your original accessories, the harness includes plenty of adapters to connect to these easily.

Thank you again.

Total Rewire Recommendations?


All that I can say is WOW!

I actually just found your website accidentally…It was one of those one link, to the next, and so on. Ultimately, it was Ed’s Boat Tips that led me to your site.

Here’s my potential boat wiring project. Starcraft Center Console fishing boat

I’ve got a 1970’s 22 foot Starcraft Center Console that has been trailer bound for years now – lack of money and twin young boys will do that to you!

Anyway, I’m the probably 2nd or 3rd owner of this boat, and since I’ve let it sit, everything has pretty muched turn to what rhymes with “sit”. It needs a new console, decking, etc. If I’m going to pull all of the old, I want the electrical to be as good as new, since prior owners had made it a bit of a rats nest, and, modern electrical is a heck of a lot nicer and better than what was being done in the 70’s.

I’ve reviewed your marine electrical stuff and have to say I’m quite impressed.

I’d like to put in a new switch panel and replace the boat electrical system from bow to stern, including new batteries, switches, the works with the exception of navigation lights and gauges.

I’m running a 140hp outboard Mercury. For accessories, all I’m running is, an automatic bilge pump, running and interior courtesy lights, a VHF radio, and a GPS/fishfinder. We had added a 12v “cigarette lighter outlet”, but I see that your panels come with the auxiliary outlet as a built in option. The boat was set-up at one point for dual batteries; a cranking and a deep cycle. I’d like to continue to use that set-up.

Could you please tell me which of your systems you’d recommend? I saw the new “complete switch panels”, and it mentions that they are pre-wired. I was a bit confused if this was just the panel wiring, or also included wiring for the whole boat as well.



Thank you for the kind words.

First, choose a switch panel. If one of them will fit in your available space, one of our pre-wired, snap together panels are the easiest install. The include all of the switch panel wiring, adaptors, mounting screws, and extra breakers. They do not come with the boat wiring harness that connect all of your boat’s accessories.

If you want to use your boat’s original switch panel or build you own, but need to replace the panel wiring, our Panel Rewire Kit will save you loads of time and money. Just like our wired panels, it will also “snap together” quickly and correctly with other parts on our site.

Whether you go with our panel or a rewire kit, the next step is to choose a snap together boat wiring harness that will plug directly into either one.

All of our harnesses come with all the adaptors necessary to connect to your existing lights and pumps. I would use either the 15′-20′ harness (diagram) or the 20′-25′ harness (diagram). All of the dimensions on the diagrams are in inches. Be sure to check the fit to make sure the breakout lengths will be adequate. Sometimes the available wire routing on a center console boat is longer than expected.

Please let us know if you have any questions,

Kevin Hannula


Thanks for the really quick follow-up.

I’m not sure how soon this project will come together, but now that I’ve got a better understanding of which components I’ll need, I can plan much better. I would think your longer harness will be the better bet as measurements just from the deck up to a switch panel could be a couple feet just by themselves.

I was always wondering when or if someone would go into the “boat wiring harness” business. This type of thing has been around for cars/trucks for a long time now, and seem to be down to a pretty good science. I think with boats it’s gets a little harder as true wiring diagrams, especially for older boats were never done, or since a lot of boats are ordered “custom” from the factory, it was never bothered to be done.

Your website and links have been saved. I hope to get working on this in the next few months.

Total Rewire. What Do I Need?

Hi Kevin,

I would like to know if I can get everything I need to completely rewire my boat through your company?

Basically, I want replace all of the boat wiring – bow to stern. Is there any chance you’d have some sort of check list or something?All round navigation light

Thanks for your help.


Thanks for your interest in our company’s products! At EzAcDc, we specialize in “universal” easy-to-install designs in electrical harnesses and panels, which cover many boat configurations and are built to OEM quality standards but still remain affordable.

We give a number of routes to go for rewiring and you will want to consider the options that follow.

First, do you want want to keep the original switch panel that is on your boat?

Most people do because many panels are a unique fit and look for that model boat. If that’s the case for you, you will want to start with our Panel Rewire Kit. It has everything that you need to replace the wire behind your panel while keeping the panel itself and all of the switches. The Rewire Kit comes with wiring and circuit protection for nine different boat functions, so it should work fine for almost all boats.

Once installed, it will “snap together” with any EzAcDc boat wiring harness. These harnesses range in length for boats from under 15’ up to 30’ in length, and have wiring for the eight most common accessories found on boats – or the seven most common in the pontoon version. Here are our harness schematic drawings to help you see what size will be right for you. My guess is the 20′ v-hull harness would be the closest fit to your boat.

Or, if you want to totally replace the existing switch panel or add more switches, you will want to start with our snap together marine electrical switch panels. These are fully loaded and wired – so you won’t need the panel rewire kit mentioned above – and they arrive completely ready to install. To give you the most options, your best bet would probably be our eight-switch panel, although we do make some smaller panels as well. Just like the rewire kit, our panels also “snap together” with any of our wiring harnesses.

Beyond that, we offer many other high quality accessories that will easily snap together with your new wiring system. These include LED Navigation Lights, Bilge Pump Systems, Livewell Systems for fishing, LED Docking Lights, boat horns, and our VERY popular LED Underwater Lights and Pontoon Underdeck Lights.

Finally, another extremely popular item we offer for fisherman and any boater who wants to maximize their time on the water without depleting their batteries is our great Automatic Smart Battery Switch system. Please check out this explanation on how it can give you more “water time” and peace of mind.

I hope that this gives you a decent idea of how to figure out which of our products will be best for you. We are always happy to answer your specific questions.

Thank you again!