Attwood Bilge Pumps and Systems

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Snap Together Bilge Pump System

Our marine electrical switch panels arrive ready to install quickly and correctly

Ready to get started on your project, not waste your weekend searching for additional parts? Good, because in addition to one of the finest bilge pumps available, the EzAcDc bilge pump kit comes complete with properly sized hose, hose clamp and thru-hull - so you are ready to go. Click for more details.

Snap Together Automatic Bilge Pump System

Our ready to install marine electrical panels will make fast work of your boat wiring project

Boating's best bilge pump coupled with the equally excellent Attwood automatic float switch. Both arrive at your door ready out-of-the-box to easily Snap Together to other EzAcDc components, including our harness and panel kits. Or, the automatic bilge pump kit will also work great with your existing boat wiring and components. Click for more details.

Snap Together Bilge Pumps

Our deluxe five switch marine electrical panel includes a volt meter.

These compact and powerful Attwood pumps clear water out of your boat. They are the most popular bilge pumps in boating. Simply choose the 500, 800 or 1200 gallon per hour version to keep you, your family, friends and boat safer. Click for more details.